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Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton

47 Positives

45 Negatives

49 Positives

31 Negatives
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 Trump is real and tells it like it is.
by Paulo Carvalho  ● 5   8
 Make America Great Again!
by Addi  ● 6   4
 Trump is a business man and he will do what's right to make America a profitable nation.
by João Alves  ● 5   5
 Donald shows clear signs of sociopathy and narcissism. He's doing this for him, his family, his company and nobody else.
by saracor  ● 4   6
 He's hateful, corrupt and hides his terrible flaws by driving attention to his opponent in the dirtiest way!
by Sofía Marquez  ● 4   6
 Did not delete over 30,000 emails. Also Donald hires a large amount of people in the US regardless of race or culture
by Dan Sousa  ● 4   5
 Trump seems to have an obsession with dictators. He wants to arrest and sue everyone who does not agree with him.
by Poppy Williams  ● 3   6
 When Trump says we should keep our war plans secret, we can see there's a total lack of strategic knowledge there. Trump is not aware that most of the stuff that comes out is, in itself, part of a secret strategy we know nothing about.
by Green Pin  ● 5   3
 Trump thinks "the concept of global warming was created by the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive". This guy is nuts.
by Amy Smith  ● 4   3
 When Trump says the election is rigged, he is undermining American democracy. And he does it for selfish purposes only.
by Pin Cat  ● 2   1
  He is not fit for president, because he can't handle a simple debate, so how's he going to handle worse comments made by the Middle East, U.S. citizens, ect.? I for one don't respect his values, and his input on women is just horrible. I am a 12 year old African-American/Native American female, and I love politics, but this debate is tough. And I wish luck to those 18+ who have to vote, because boy will this be hard for you.
by nilah kinney  ● 1   2
 Clinton may have her flaws, but she's way better than Trump. America needs stability, not insanity.
by Sarah “Miss” Flick  ● 12   3
 Saying that Hillary was an enabler of her husband's infidelities is such an unfair statement. She's not responsible for that.
by Poppy Williams  ● 9   5
 Hillary Clinton stands for equality and human rights, while Trump is all for segregation and fear. Do I need to say more?
by Sofía Marquez  ● 6   4
 Hillary was born for this. She's experienced, knowledgeable and, above all, consistent in her actions.
by saracor  ● 6   4
 Stronger together
by Addi  ● 6   3
 The Clintons are more of the same, the usual politics and the usual government corruption.
by João Alves  ● 4   4
 Clinton took millions in campaign donations from bankers and Wall Street investors.
by Amy Smith  ● 3   2
 Both candidates are terrible, but Hillary is the lesser of two evils. That's kind of a positive trait, right?
by John Davis  ● 3   2
 Hillary Clinton is working as a public servant for years and she has done so much! It's outrageous that she's running for president with an ignorant opponent that constantly insults her on a personal level.
by Pin Cat  ● 1   1
 She is cooler than trump and better
by marwan albahar  ● 0   2